Top 5 Tips to practice LLQP Exam Questions

Author: Aashima Verma

Top 5 Tips to practice LLQP Exam Questions

A little birdie called Google told us that all of you really needed some practice LLQP exam questions. Once you enroll to our online LLQP courses, you not only get access to the e-material but also four free hard copies. After every course or module, you get a set of practice llqp exam questions based on the insurance exam course you are taking.

We believe that there is more to llqp exam questions than just reading the material; there is a skill to practice MCQ questions in a time regulated environment online. Here are a few tips  to pass LLQP exams questions without stressing about the format:

01. Read your LLQP Exam questions carefully

There are two ways to fail the LLQP exams. One, the lack of preparedness. We know that for most of the people taking the exam, it’s only a side-hustle. We also know the ones who are actually taking proper time to prepare for the exam but still can fail it, these are the people who skip to read the word ‘NOT’ in the question or the ones who read the question #18 and directly scroll to question #20 without even realizing that they skipped question #19. One of the most important tips to get you through this exam which can potentially gift you not only your financial freedom but also an independent lifestyle is reading your question carefully.

02. Breathe

 It happens to the most of us where at one moment there is a period when we feel like we are slaying the exam and then, a question comes along to which we have no answer or clue. After this scary question, we tend to feel unsure about almost all questions. To all those times, I say,“breathe.” Didn’t get it? Yes, what we are suggesting here is to consciously breathe. Count 1,2,3 while inhaling and 1,2,3 while exhaling. Equal times of inhaling and exhaling actually gives a sign to our nervous system that all is well. This kicks the stress right out of the window.

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03. Practice

There is nothing new about this one but, it’s fundamental. I know that you know it but, did you apply it enough? President’s Academy has one of the most updated LLQP exam questions banks. We understand the importance of testing. That’s why, unlike other insurance exam coaching institutes, we deem it mandatory for you to practice MCQs of every course you complete to move on to next. Testing yourself can significantly boost your confidence which in turn can help you clear the provincial LLQP examination.

04. Your gut never lies

One of the things that you need to do is believe in your hard work. Believe that it always pays off. You have prepared. You have taken the practice quizzes. You have also gone through the material.

05. Create a roadmap

A smart strategy to pass the exam will be to divide 75 mins into 30-30-15 mins. Plan your questions accordingly. Use the llqp exam questions paper to cancel answers which you find are absolutely incorrect. Once you eliminate the wrong answers, you will be led to the right answer.

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