How to Register for Insurance Licensing Exam in Canada

Author: Aashima Verma

How to Register for Insurance Licensing Exam in Canada

Insurance Licensing Exam in Canada

Although there are several ways to get register for Insurance Licensing Exam in Canada, but Before we get into the steps of getting an insurance license in different provinces in Canada, we should know what obtaining the insurance certification could potentially achieve for you. It could give you an independent lifestyle combined with financial freedom. In other words, you get to call your own shots. You are accountable to yourself, for yourself. Are you ready to tread on this path? If yes, keep reading.

Get Registered for an Insurance Licensing Exam in Canada Ontario (ON)

The authority which regulates the provincial insurance exam in Ontario is called Financial Services Commission of Ontario. Please read more about the detailed steps to follow to get registered in Ontario under certification process.

We suggest that one should register for the provincial exam on via Durham College. Follow simple instructions after clicking on ‘Registration’ on that website. Please note that Durham College verifies a candidate’s certification in the Canadian Insurance Participant Registry (CIPR) on week prior to the exam date. Just in case the CIPR registration is not validated, you are not allowed to take the provincial insurance exam.

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Want to become an Insurance Advisor?

One of the mantra that we follow here at President’s Academy is:

"At your own pace, in your own time.”

With over 10 years of Industry experience At President’s Academy, we not only help you become an Insurance Agent, we also help you equip with the skills you require to make it in this competitive market after achieving your certification.

Get Registered for an Insurance Licensing Exam in Canada Alberta (AB)

The authority which regulates insurance licensing in the province of Alberta is called Alberta Insurance Council (AIC).  You can register for the provincial exam by clicking here. Please note that you must have your CIPR ID and password to register for the provincial exam in Alberta. 

Get Registered for an Insurance Licensing Exam in Canada Saskatchewan (SK)

Saskatchewan General Insurance Council is the authority responsible for regulation of LLQP certification in the province of Saskatchewan. The process to register for the provincial exam is pretty similar to that of British Columbia. You have to go to the office of The Insurance Councils of Saskatchewan to physically submit your form along with your fee.

Get Registered for an Insurance Licensing Exam in Canada Manitoba (MB)

The Insurance Council of Manitoba is the regulatory body responsible for the licensing of insurance agents. Once you are certified, this si the same body that checks if the proper code of conduct is followed by various insurance agents and brokers licensed under its umbrella. Their website lays out the exam process in detail:

We understand that registration can be a daunting task to do on one’s own. That’s why, we are here to help. Contact us today for signing up for an online coaching program.

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