How an Accounting graduate became an Insurance Agent

Author: Aashima Verma

How an Accounting graduate became an Insurance Agent

I recently talked to one of our students, Samriti Thakur, who cleared her provincial exam within 90 days of enrolment. She has been working as a receptionist at an insurance agency. She completed her education in Accounting and wanted to enhance her resume and open another stream of income in order to be financially independent.

Easy to follow online LLQP material

We provide an option for our students to choose a way of learning which suits them. While our material is very easy-to-follow, students have preference in their learning style. Some students like to read from the books while some prefer doing it online. We have both the options.

Accounting made it Easier

As for Samriti, she preferred to do it online. Once she began studying form the exam, she
quickly realized that Segregated Funds exam was relatively easier for her because of her
college education about in accounting and taxation.

Want to become an Insurance Advisor?

One of the mantra that we follow here at President’s Academy is:

“At your own pace, in your own time.”

With over 10 years of Industry experience At President’s Academy, we not only help you become an Insurance Agent, we also help you equip with the skills you require to make it in this competitive market after achieving your certification.

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90 Day LLQP Certification Challenge

She didn’t feel pressured to do the exam within 90-days because her approach was doing a bit everyday. She emphasized on regularity. She suggested blocking time in your day for preparation. “Consistency is the only way,” she added. To read about another student who cleared LLQP within 90 days of enrollment, click here.

How different is the Provincial exam from Certification exams?

When Samriti was asked this question, she said that the questions given at the end of chapters are similar to the ones in the provincial exam. She heavily insisted on reviewing wrong answers because chances are that the questions in the provincial exams are going to be very similar.

How was your experience with President’s academy?

“I got my money back,” she said elated after she was refunded in full. She earned her license for free with some regularity and practice.

We are having more and more students clear LLQP within 90-days of their enrollment in President’s academy. If they can do it, why can’t you?

Contact us for any questions regarding benefits of LLQP, preparing or booking your provincial exam.

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