Certification Process

Step I

Choose an independent lifestyle
financial freedom
for yourself. Sales experience is a bonus; although not necessary to make the cut.

Step II

Go through your content material, the way you want to. E-books or online course material - your choice. Remember to clear the practice quiz after each of the 4 chapters to move on to the next.

Step III

Once you clear the 4 mandatory practice quizzes (75 mins each) with a 70% or higher, you become eligible for taking the certification exam.

Step IV

Now that you have successfully passed your certification exam, reflect on your progress. The ball is in your court to decide when will you be ready for the main provincial exam.



We provide online course material + new blog posts every week to keep you updated with the syllabus and the industry. Our representatives also share tips on social media everyday to help you on your journey.



A coach who is qualified, experienced and available to help you grow is important. He is your accountability partner and will be available with you LIVE every week. 

Not just that, your emails will be responded within 24 hours during working hours.



You need students like yourself who are preparing for this exam around you for sharing notes, clarifying doubts,  and comparing progress. 

You need to do this together because it’s fun this way. 

LLQP Courses Certification Process

Register for your course online

*when registering please indicate which program you wish to register for*

  1. LLQP (Common Law) Full Life – to be licensed in any province outside of Quebec
  2. LLQP (Common Law) Accident & Sickness only – to be licensed in any province outside of Quebec for only A&S

Register for the courses and make sure you add your CIPR number. You will receive an email directly from CIPR to set up your account.

When these two steps are completed you will receive an email with your username and password code to access our site: http://training.presidentsacademy.ca

This website will hold both your practice exams and your certification exams. In order to qualify to write your provincial exams through your provincial insurance regulator, you will need to successfully pass a series of online exams (certification exams). Below are the steps needed to successfully pass your certification exams.

Step 1: In order to qualify to write your certification exam on a given subject (module), you need to obtain a minimum grade of 70% on the online practice questions that can be found in your training portal.

Step 2: In order to be certified and qualified to write your provincial exams, you would need to pass a series of online certification exams where the minimum pass rate is 70%. The number of modules needed to pass would be dependent on the type of license you choose to obtain.

LLQP (Common Law) – Full Life: Course modules to succeed

  • Life Insurance
  • Accident and Sickness Insurance
  • Segregated Funds and Annuities
  • Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law)
  • Taxation (optional)

LLQP (Common Law) – A&S only: Course modules to succeed

  • Accident and Sickness Insurance
  • Ethics and Professional Practice (Common Law)
  • Taxation (optional)

Once you have successfully passed all the required certification exams, you will be certified and will now qualify to register for your provincial exams. After passing all the certification exams, please allow one business day before registering for Provincial Exam.

Provincial Exam

Below are the steps to register for your exams dependent on the province in which you will write:

Ontario Provincial Insurance regulator: Financial Securities Commissions of Ontario 

  • You can register for your Final Provincial Exam via Durham College website: https://ssbp.mycampus.ca/apex/f?p=440:210
  • Click on “Registration” and follow the instructions indicated

Alberta Provincial Insurance regulator: Alberta Insurance Council

  • You can register for your Final provincial exams via the Alberta Insurance Council website  (you will need your CIPR ID and password to access the account: https://licensing.abcouncil.ab.ca/#!/login/with/cipr

Saskatchewan Provincial insurance regulator: Saskatchewan General Insurance Council

  • In order to register for your exams, you will need to submit your completed registration form and payment by mail.

Manitoba Provincial Insurance regulator: Insurance Council of Manitoba

  • In order to register for your exams, you will need to submit your completed registration form and payment by mail.

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