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Author: Aashima Verma


I recently interviewed Jashandeep Kaur from Regina, SK after she became the first person to complete President’s Academy’s #90daycertificationchallenge. Jashandeep is a full-time engineer and was looking to start a side-business. When she met her close friend who currently is a successful Insurance Consultant, she was intrigued. She could see the potential of starting this as a side-hustle and, eventually doing it full-time.

Why become an Insurance Advisor?

Mother of two, Jashandeep values the idea of setting her own hours and working from home. When I asked her if it was hard to complete the challenge, she chuckled and said that she did it all in 40 days only. She also said that the material was very easy-to-follow. However, getting it all printed out worked out better for her because she is an active learner. She likes to underline and highlight in order to remember the content.

How much time do you need to devote daily to become an Insurance Advisor?

When she was asked how much time was devoted to the preparation in total, she said that she went all-in! There were days when she put in over ten hours a day. Her motivation was to get it done as soon as possible while she had her mother-in-law to take care of her kids. She says that her family’s support was unmatchable and President’s Academy insurance coaching was unbeatable.

If we do the math, 10*40=400 hours. In this scenario, we are assuming that she studied over ten hours all forty days. For any student that will mean 400/90=4.5 hours daily. Needless to mention, everyone learns differently and there is no right or wrong way to do it. 

Want to become an Insurance Advisor?

One of the mantra that we follow here at President’s Academy is:

"At your own pace, in your own time.”

With over 10 years of Industry experience At President’s Academy, we not only help you become an Insurance Agent, we also help you equip with the skills you require to make it in this competitive market after achieving your certification.

What are some tips to clear LLQP certification?

Her tip for passing certification exams was making notes and highlighting important points. She also suggested comparing different exam content side by side and observing the differences. She suggested making a table and writing down the differences side-by-side. She warns that it can be very confusing to understand otherwise. She also added that you should always review solutions for numericals which you could not get right.

While Jashandeep was clearly self-motivated, many of us are not. Make sure to check out our blog section to find some more actionable tips.

To know more about the certification process of LLQP exam, please contact us.

You can also email Jashandeep Kaur for more queries.


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