5 Reasons Why You Need LLQP Tutor

Author: Aashima Verma

5 Reasons Why You Need LLQP Tutor

“The LLQP tutor will not only elaborate on the material that you receive from us, but also enhance your knowledge on the subject outside of that material.”

A lot  of times in our life, we become so conditioned to the outside noise of the world that we can not even listen to what we truly want anymore. As human beings, we crave growth for our happiness. The path to growth is one steep slope.

"Pauses are allowed, Quitting is Not"

Similarly, to tread on the path to clear LLQP certification exam, you need to be growth-oriented. If you are passionate about an independent lifestyle + financial freedom, this is your chance. Enrolling in the coaching is your first step; the second is to keep going. You might ask what is vital to keep going.

Your LLQP tutor. Your LLQP mentor. Your LLQP coach.

There would be no Koby Bryant without Phil Jackson. There would be no Serena Williams without Patrick Mouratoglu. There will be no Tom Brady without Alex Guerrero. And, there might not be a future Insurance Agent in you without an LLQP tutor.

Following are a few reasons why you need a LLQP tutor:

LLQP Tutor Elaborates on the Course Material

Having four thick modules to study can be overwhelming and monotonous. The LLQP tutor will not only elaborate on the material that you receive from us, but also enhance your knowledge on the subject outside of that material. We firmly believe that it takes much more than passing the LLQP certification exam to make it in the real world. This is the person who will constantly guide you to make it in the real world.

LLQP Tutor has more Experience in the Field

You need a more developed skill-set for becoming a successful insurance agent. What would be better than having someone to guide you through who is currently winning it in the field? He has made the mistakes, noted the lessons and is ready to share his expertise with his students.

LLQP Tutor is your Permanent Accountability Partner

To be prepared for this independent lifestyle, you do need someone you could be accountable to in the initial stages of getting certified. They say that when someone else sees our potential in us, we are better off to realize it ourselves. This is the person who will be by your side throughout your prep season. He will be monitoring your growth and giving you personalized remarks on how you could do it better.

Want to become an Insurance Advisor?

One of the mantra that we follow here at President’s Academy is:

"At your own pace, in your own time.”

With over 10 years of Industry experience At President’s Academy, we not only help you become an Insurance Agent, we also help you equip with the skills you require to make it in this competitive market after achieving your certification.

LLQP Tutor Clarifies your Doubts

Once you enroll with us, you get access to our private Facebook Group where the instructor not only replies to your questions within 24 hours but also, conducts a LIVE Q+A session every week. In this session, he will share his real-life insurance experiences and guide you towards your end goal of becoming a successful insurance agent.

LLQP Tutor gives you Honest Feedback

The difference between criticizing and providing feedback is simply one extra step. That extra step is telling how to correct the mistake. Taking various online LLQP quizzes can tell you that what questions did you attempt wrong. Some of those quizzes might also tell you the right answers but, what they might not tell you is the reason why the wrong option isn’t right. This is precisely why you need a tutor.

Behind every great person is a great coach that you may not even know. – Jay Shetty But, there is one always.


Enroll with us today to get access to a coach who will provide you with guidance that you need at every step of the way.

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